Terms of Service for MARNE

Last Updated: 04.11.2023

Welcome to MARNE, created by PROJECT MARNE. By using our Mod, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

1. No Cheating

Users must not engage in cheating, hacking, exploiting, or using unauthorized software/tools for unfair advantages.

2. No Reverse Engineering

Users shall not reverse engineer, decompile, or modify the Mod.

3. Data Collection

We process the following data for enhancing user experience, providing statistics, and enabling progression within the mod:
- IP addresses
- Username (it's needed in the game)
- Battlefield 1 Persona ID (for stats and progression)
- MachineGuid (for server differentiation)

4. Data Protection

User data is stored securely; we implement measures against unauthorized access.

5. No Foul Language

Users are expected to maintain a respectful and courteous tone in their interactions within the Mod community. Foul language, harassment, or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

6. Fair Play

Users are expected to play the game fairly and without exploiting unintended features or engaging in disruptive behavior that may negatively impact the experience of others.

7. No Unauthorized Modifications

Users shall not use unauthorized modifications that could compromise the integrity of the Mod or the gameplay experience.

8. Respect for Intellectual Property

Users must respect the intellectual property rights of others and not infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, or other forms of intellectual property.

9. Exclusion from Services

PROJECT MARNE reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude individuals from our services in the event of rule breaches, disruptive behavior, or other actions that violate these terms and conditions.

10. Compliance with Commands

Users shall follow commands, instructions, or directives provided by administrators, community managers, developers, and MARNE staff in general, while using the Mod or participating in related activities.

11. Contact Information

For questions or concerns, contact Project MARNE via [https://marne.io/contact](https://marne.io/contact).