What is MARNE?

MARNE is a mod for Battlefield 1 that allows players to host their own servers, which can be customized and modded by the community.

How do I install MARNE?

We provide a step-by-step launcher to guide you through the installation process for setting up and using MARNE.

Is MARNE compatible with the latest version of Battlefield 1?

Yes, MARNE is compatible with the latest version of Battlefield 1. You need an officially licensed copy of the game to use the mod.

Is an internet connection required for a LAN party?

Yes, an internet connection is necessary, as it is required to connect to the master server. However, the network traffic between game clients and the game server remains confined within your internal network (when the router is set up correctly).

What are the system requirements for using MARNE?

The system requirements for using MARNE are the same as those for the base game.

How do I access MARNE within the game?

Use the provided launcher to access and interact with MARNE. The core gameplay of the base game remains unchanged.

Can I use MARNE on multiplayer servers?

To ensure seamless gameplay, we recommend not connecting to official servers while our mod is active. Restarting the game after using our mod is advised.

Is MARNE free to use?

Yes, MARNE is available for free.

Do I need an officially licensed copy of Battlefield 1 to use MARNE?

Yes, you must own an officially licensed copy of Battlefield 1 to access and use MARNE.

Can I connect to servers of other users after hosting my own server with MARNE?

After hosting your own server with MARNE, you'll need to restart the game to connect to servers hosted by other users.

Can I create my own mods for MARNE?

Certainly! You can use the Frosty Tool Suite to create mods that can be used in conjunction with MARNE.

How can I report a problem or request support for MARNE?

Join our Discord community for assistance, where you can ask questions and receive support from fellow users.

What should I do if I encounter issues while using MARNE?

For most issues, a simple restart of the game and launcher may suffice. Further support is available on our Discord channel.

On which platforms is MARNE available?

Currently, MARNE is available exclusively for Windows platforms.

How often are updates released for MARNE?

Updates for MARNE are released on an as-needed basis to enhance stability and introduce new features.

How can I stay updated about MARNE's developments?

Stay connected and informed by joining our Discord community.

Can I contribute to the development of MARNE?

Although we're not actively recruiting, you're encouraged to create mods that complement the MARNE experience.

Is MARNE associated with Dice or EA?

No, MARNE is an independent project and is not affiliated with Dice or EA.

What are your plans for the future of MARNE?

We prioritize stability and aim to implement a system where player progress syncs across user-created servers, similar to the base game.