Welcome to MARNE! Before we move on to hosting a server, let's first walk through the steps to establish a connection:

Presenting MARNE's Welcome Screen.

Ensure to carefully review and agree to the Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy.
After clicking 'START MARNE,' you have two options: initiate the game by selecting 'START GAME,' or opt for your preferred tool.

For those interested in utilizing mods available on our Discord, the Frosty Tool Suite is essential.
After clicking on a server in the list, you'll access the Server Details page. To the right, you'll find a comprehensive list of server settings, offering a detailed overview.

Explore the list of players and take note of the mods currently active on the server.

Now is the opportune moment to download any necessary mods if you haven't already. Once you click 'Start Game' and wait for the game to initialize, you'll be ready to join the server.
After a click on a server in the list you can see the server details. A very detailed list of server settings is at the right.

You can see a list of players and what mods the server is currently running.

Now is the right time to download the mods if you haven't already. After clicking on start game and waiting for the game to initialize you can join the server.

Having covered the steps for connecting to a game, let's now shift our focus to starting your own server:

Initiate the game using your preferred method, and if you're interested in using mods, remember to utilize the Frosty Tool Suite.

Not interested in mods? No problem – simply click 'Start Game.
Wait for the launcher to integrate with the game and for the game to load crucial assets.
When the game is prepared, you have the choice to explore the server browser or take the initiative to host your own game.

Now, let's focus on hosting a game by clicking 'HOST A GAME.'
Hosting a game is a straightforward process:

Adjust the settings to align with your preferences, select a map, and click 'RUN MAP.'

Note: If you keep the server name unchanged, MARNE will automatically use your PC's hostname as the server name.
Map Rotation:
To streamline the process and avoid ALT+Tabbing out of the game to switch to the next map, you can set up a map rotation.

Simply select a map, choose the game mode, specify the number of rounds, and add it to the rotation list.
The selected map will automatically commence on the next round.
In this section, you can configure server settings that will be retained every time you start your server.

Settings follow a basic format: <class>.<setting> <value>

For instance:
Server.ServerName "My first MARNE server"

Simply enter these settings line by line.

You should now be well-equipped to commence your own game and join existing servers.

If you have more detailed questions, feel free to reach out to us on the MARNE Discord!